Science & Education Workshops at Phoenix Comic Fest in RealTimeSTEAM STEAM Shop

New this year at Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) are workshops for educators, parents and attendees in the Science Hall of Heroes, 3rd Floor, Booth #H1045, North Building, Phoenix Convention Center, Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27, 2018.

Workshop: Games for Computer Science Thinking

In this panel, game designers and experts demonstrate analog and digital games that promote computer science thinking and skills. Teachers and other participants will have the opportunity to play with a series of games and discuss how the games link to computer science content. Resources will be provided including game materials, links to common core/NGSS standards, and lesson plans.

Dani Kachorsky; Earl Aguilera; Kelly Tran

Friday 10am-12:15pm

Inclusivity and CosPlay

We’ll talk about bullying, gender-bending, gender-cross and racebending in cosplay.

Lily Villa

Friday 12:30-2:45pm

Build a Fearless Classroom: Creating Ignite Talks With Students

Discover how to ignite classroom presentations with fast, creative, entertaining 5 minute presentations.

Al Pajak

Friday 3-4pm

Workshop: Science Fair Breakdown

The do’s and dont’s of science fair projects. How to set yourself up so you get a great experience, low stress and your kid has fun too.

Rebekah Brubaker

Friday 4:15-5:15pm

Workshop: Instructional Design

The basic elements of designing efficient, effective, and appealing learning experiences.

Rebekah Brubaker/Bill Lombardi

Friday 5:30-6:30pm

Workshop: Kids Owning Companies, Seriously? Yeah!

Bill Gates missed a math test in high school to meet with investors for Microsoft. By 2040, economists predict that freelancers and startups will comprise 80% of the workforce. iGen is changing the definition of 9-5. They know technology better than previous generations; however, they still need to build knowledge around tools that will aid in developing a company. Chat with Dr. York and learn those tools so you can be that kid with a pop culture company that soars.

Ashley Elaine York, PhD

Saturday 10am-11am

Workshop: Pop Culture Startup

Individuals with a Pop Culture Idea in technology, publishing, media, gaming, apparel, collectibles, and more get five minutes to pitch their business plan and field questions from Dr. York, a media scholar and organizational strategist. A winner will be selected and mentored in taking that idea to market.

Ashley Elaine York, PhD

Saturday 11:15-12:15pm

Workshop: Citizen Science in the Classroom and Beyond

Discover real science projects in need of volunteer data gatherers and how to collaborate with ongoing research projects.

Teresa Ashcraft

Saturday 12:30-1:30pm

Workshop: Gigabit 101–Gigovate Workshop by Mozilla with RealTimeSTEAM

How will gigabit super-fast networks shape the future of the internet, education & employment? Over the past few years, Mozilla has been inviting educators, technologists, activists and others to dream about the future of the web made possible by these high-speed networks. In this workshop we’ll explore answers to the question “What story would you like to be able to tell about high speed internet?”

Eileen Kane

Saturday 1:45-2:45pm

STEAM Zine Workshop

In this workshop, poets and editors will instruct participants in writing poetic content and folding/constructing microzines. We’ll also discuss why/how the writing of (micro)poetry fosters the processing of scientific information and why the two are frequently used in tandem (in the UK and elsewhere). Participants will craft micropoetic responses to Bill Nye lessons and others!

Rosemarie (RD) & rdp editors

Saturday 3-4pm

The State of the STEM/Comic Union

Let’s look at how this year’s Marvel, DC, and SciFi flicks stack up against the latest and greatest science has to offer. When Science Fiction could actually become science fact!

Deborah Haralson, Brian Sillanpaa, Kathryn Kitzmiller

Saturday 4:15-6:30pm

Workshop: Teaching Science with Max Axiom, The Secret Coders, and More

In this panel, teachers, comics experts, and researchers discuss and demonstrate how teachers can use comics in a variety of ways to teach different science topics–resources will be provided.

Dani & Jeremy Kachorsky

Sunday 10-12-15pm

Poets vs. Particle Physicists

This workshop will demonstrate how both narration and lyrical word play can help the average student/human engage with particle physics (think linguistic translation game show!). There will also be an interactive workshop during which participants will write redaction/erasure poetry based on excerpts from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest book.

Sunday 12:30-1:30pm

Workshop: Cybersecurity K-8

First steps in creating a safe computer environment. Provided by Department of Homeland Security, one in a series of workshops all about 21st Century cybersecurity skills for students.

Brett Scott & Andrew Scott

Sunday 1:45-2:45pm

Workshop: Cybersecurity 9-12

We will demo some more advanced security features and direct you to more free courses that DHS provides and a framework in which you can build customized lessons. Provided by Department of Homeland Security, one in a series of workshops all about 21st Century cybersecurity skills for students.

Brett Scott & Andrew Scott

Sunday 3-4pm

Suspicious Activity Reporting


Detective Sarah Gasper

Help ensure your safety and the safety of others: Be aware of drastic changes in attitude toward others.

Taking note of any escalations in bahavior, providing any information that may help facilitate intervention an mitigate potential risks. Concept of risk and resources provided.

Teachers Receive Professional Development at Phoenix Comic Fest with RealTimeSTEAM.

K-12 and community college instructors receive Professional Development (PD) credits Sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education for attending our programming with credentialed panelists (Masters, PhD, or 5 years in an industry). Attending panels, the EduTech Expo and visiting the Science Hall of Heroes all qualify for PD. There is no additional fee for earning PD credits beyond your admission to Phoenix Comic Fest.

We use a proprietary text-based system for PD registration. Find out how to register outside the Science & Education panel rooms N130, N131AB & N131C on the first floor of the North building of Phoenix Convention Center.

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Professional Development certificates will be emailed to the address provided at registration. Examples of 2017 PD panels may be found here.

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Science Hall of Heroes, Produced by RealTimeSTEAM, Returns to Phoenix Comic Fest

Visit the Science Hall of Heroes as RealTimeSTEAM returns to Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon), May 25-27, 2018, to produce science, technology and education programing at the Phoenix Convention Center. The Science Hall of Heroes features hands-on activities and demonstrations for attendees, families and teachers highlighting the research and technology innovations happening in Arizona.

Located in the third-floor ballrooms, North Building, Phoenix Convention Center, the Science Hall of Heroes provides an opportunity for K-12 teachers and community college instructors to earn professional development credits as well as nurture contacts with researchers, companies and educational institutions dedicated to promoting the wonder of science.

Our Science Hall of Heroes exhibitors include:

PHX VR For Good, featuring member Variable Labs and Baltu Studios, dedicated to how virtual reality can lead to positive impact and change;

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, inspires and trains exemplary physicians, scientists and leaders to optimize health and health care in Arizona and beyond;


AIAA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, celebrating aerospace ingenuity and collaboration, and its importance to our way of life;

STAX3D, innovating highly effective cost, time, and quality solutions in 3D printing, Kindergarten through Business;

rinky dink press, on a mission to get poetry back into the hands (and pockets) of the people, producing a STEM-focused special edition during Phoenix Comic Fest;

Lowell Observatory, pursuing the study of astronomy, especially the study of our solar system and its evolution;

Galvanize, cultivating tech talent for both companies and individuals with courses in full-stack web development and data science;

NASA Psyche Inspires, space mission-inspired art showcase, highlighting the Arizona State University-led NASA Psyche Mission journey to explore a unique metal world;


Challenger Space Center, encouraging students to learn about the wonders of our universe and the world in which we live;

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, Arizona State University, featuring the research work of the three cameras mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that capture high resolution and multi-spectral images of the lunar surface;

Arizona Museum of Natural History, inspiring understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural history of the Southwest (and dinosaurs);

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Arizona State University, student-based organization that promotes the exploration and development of space;

FIRST Robotics Team CAUTION, winners of the inaugural Sanghi Foundation Arizona State FIRST Robotics Championship;

Center for Education Through eXploration, Arizona State University, transforming learning from mastery of what is known to exploration of the unknown;

LunaH-Map (Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper), Arizona State University, searching for hydrogen deposits at the Moon’s south pole (“the H is silent because the hydrogen is hiding in the permanently shadowed regions”);

Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, Arizona State University, bringing together scientists and philosophers from all disciplines to brainstorm some of the age-old questions of existence, using the latest ideas and discoveries at the forefront of scientific research;

Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies, Arizona State University, one of an international network of Regional Planetary Image Facility data centers, established by NASA to archive planetary images for use by the scientific and educational communities.

Hall of Heroes Science Interactive Space at Phoenix Comicon

Don’t miss your chance to hold Pluto, pet a dinosaur, travel to an exoplanet and talk to current NASA mission specialists in the Hall of Heroes, Third Floor, North Building, Phoenix Convention Center.

Teachers can text reg to (602) 313-1470 to register for Professional Development at Phoenix Comicon. In the Hall of Heroes at the science booths, scan the QR code or text the ID # displayed to receive credit. Scan seven booths to earn one credit for a total of two credits (14 booths are eligible).

Our exhibitors include:

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Professional Development for Teachers at Phoenix Comicon

RealtimeSTEAM in partnership with Phoenix Comicon and the Arizona Department of Education-Career and Technical Education Department, offers up to 33 hours of programming that can be used toward teacher professional development certification.

Text reg to (602) 313-1470 to register for PD at Phoenix Comicon. At the end of each panel, and in the Hall of Heroes at the science booths, scan the QR code or text the ID # displayed to receive credit. Your certificate will be emailed after Comicon to the address you provided when you registered.

  • Check in at our Science and Education panels all weekend Thursday-Sunday on the first floor of the North Building, Rooms 131BC and 132A, Phoenix Convention Center;
  • Visit our science space in the Hall of Heroes on the third floor of the North Building from 4PM Thursday through 5 PM Sunday;
  • Attend the Edutech Expo: Education Track Reception, Thursday, May 25, 2018, 7:30 PM in the West Building, to earn your credits.

This professional development activity is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education, Career and Technical Education Department for certificate renewal.