Hall of Heroes Science Interactive Space at Phoenix Comicon

Don’t miss your chance to hold Pluto, pet a dinosaur, travel to an exoplanet and talk to current NASA mission specialists in the Hall of Heroes, Third Floor, North Building, Phoenix Convention Center.

Teachers can text reg to (602) 313-1470 to register for Professional Development at Phoenix Comicon. In the Hall of Heroes at the science booths, scan the QR code or text the ID # displayed to receive credit. Scan seven booths to earn one credit for a total of two credits (14 booths are eligible).

Our exhibitors include:

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Super Hero Science Panels at Phoenix Comicon

Super Hero Science brings Phoenix Comicon attendees the insiders angle on the physics, biology and physiology of being more than human.

Super Friends: The Science of the Justice League              

The Justice League’s membership includes aliens, cyborgs, mythological royalty, and billionaire playboy philanthropists. By their powers combined, they are something even greater! In this panel, experts will discuss the JL and their powers.

Thursday May 25 11:30-1pm  

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