Super Hero Science Panels at Phoenix Comicon

Super Hero Science brings Phoenix Comicon attendees the insiders angle on the physics, biology and physiology of being more than human.

Super Friends: The Science of the Justice League              

The Justice League’s membership includes aliens, cyborgs, mythological royalty, and billionaire playboy philanthropists. By their powers combined, they are something even greater! In this panel, experts will discuss the JL and their powers.

Thursday May 25 11:30-1pm  

Eating nuclear waste and pooping electricity: Microbial superpowers!  

Usually we notice bacteria when they make us sick or spoil our food. But, there are many bacteria species that don’t care about you or your sandwich at all! In this panel, experts will discuss the strange diets of bacteria and how we might harness them to make the world cleaner and safer.

Thursday May 25 8:30-10pm  

Know No Fear: The Science of Daredevil

Thursday May 25 10-11:30pm  

Art Imitating Life Inspiring Science: Drawing Inspiration from Comic Lore            

Friday May 26 11:30-1pm 

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of creativity goes into science and engineering! Whether it is noticing previously undiscovered patterns or coming up with new ways to solve problems, STEM professionals draw inspiration from a number of sources. In this panel, experts will discuss how comics and pop culture have influenced science!

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