Professional Development Phoenix Comicon 2017

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

We’ll Skype You In: Remote Classroom Teaching
Shooting Star Wars: How Meteorites are Found, Recovered, and Classified
Mrs. Frederick and Me: The Science of Warehouse 13

Truth and Justice: How to Inspire the Next Generation of Heroes!
Don’t Touch That File: How to Protect Your Digital Life
Super Friends: The Science of the Justice League

Ask an -ologist: How to Connect with STEM Experts
Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: The Science of Information Storage
Space Combat 2.0

Technology and Entrepreneurship: How to Teach 21st Century Skills
Eating Nuclear Waste and Pooping Electricity: Microbial Superpowers!
WAAAGH! The Science of Warhammer 40k

Play On Macduff: How to Use Games to Enhance Learning
Democracy Has Been Hacked: The Science of Mr. Robot
Finish the Fight: The Science of Halo

You Must Construct Additional Pylons! The Science of Starcraft
Set a Course for Home: The Science of Star Trek Voyager
Know No Fear: The Science of Daredevil


Crossing into the Fifth Dimension: The Science of The Twilight Zone
Good News Everyone! The Science of Futurama
The Expanse: When Science on TV is Done Right.

I Know Kung Fu: The Science of The Matrix
Tangled: The Science of Hair
Ape-x Predator: The Science of King Kong

Friday, May 26, 2017

Smarts and Crafts: Buildable Science Lessons
I Get a Kick Out of You: The Science of Pharmaceuticals
Send us a Tweet: Birdwatching in Arizona

The Limit is Imagination: How to Teach Technology in Resource-Limited Settings
Andromeda Game: The Science of Mass Effect
Science of the Lambs: How Domestication Shapes Life

AZ Stars of Science

Reaching the Stars: Increasing Accessibility in Education
I AM THE KNIGHT: The Science of Batman the Animated Series
You’ve Got a Friend in You: The Science of Helpful Microbes

Steeped in Tradition: The Science of Coffee and Tea
Adventures and Disasters in Science
Minefield: How to Teach Controversial Topics

America for Teaching: A discussion on education policy featuring State Representative Mitzi Epstein
How to Become an Astronaut
When Aliens Attack! The Science of Extraterrestrial Invasion

Build a Lair Workshop: How to incorporate science into your fictional world
Art Imitating Life Inspiring Science: Drawing Inspiration from Comic Lore
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: The Science of Get Out and Dollhouse

English Heptapod, Do You Speak it? The Science of Arrival
Frequent Liar Miles: How Misinformation Spreads
Bones: The Real Science of Forensic Anthropology

You Can’t Log Out, But Mind Your Hue: The Science of Sword Art Online and Psycho Pass
Baking Bad: The Science of Cooking
No Controversy to Teach: The Science of Global Warming, Vaccines, and Evolution

Saturday, May 27, 2017

From Ashes: What Will Remain When We’re Gone
Filth, Disease, and Stink: Science and Medicine in the Victorian Era
Winter is Coming: The Science of Game of Thrones

No Longer Hidden: The Women of Science
Building the Future: How to become a STEM professional
Finding Forest Spirits: Science and Conservation in Princess Mononoke

IT’S ALIVE: The Science of Frankenstein
By Tooth and by Claw: The Science of Monsters
Young Science: The Next Generation of Thinkers

I Can See Clearly Now: The Science of Light
E(xoplanet)Harmony: Looking for a World to Fall in Love With
Cybersecurity in Star Wars: It’s an older code, but it checks out.

Wub A Lub A Dub Dub: The Science of Rick and Morty
Unlimited Power! The Science of Sustainable Energy
Weird Science: The Truth Behind the Headlines

Frontiers of Policy: Science and Humanism at Work in Government State Senator Juan Mendez
Brain Research and Legion: Super Heroes Face Mental Illness
Building a Death Star: The Science of Megastructures

Old Man Logan: The Science of Aging
Don’t Test Me, I’m Scared: What Really Creeps out Scientists
Sketchy Facts: Science in Webcomics

Don’t Squeeze the Martian: The Science of the Film Life
Ghost in the (Sea)shell: What Lives Beneath the Ocean
Stupid Sexy Flanders: The Science of Attraction (18+)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Psyche, CubeSat and OSIRIS-REx…Oh My! NASA’s Love of Arizona
Sandworms and Sarlaccs: The Science of Desert Survival
It’s Morphin’ Time: The Science of Power Rangers

Twinkle Twinkle: Stargazing in Arizona
The Truth is Out There: The Science of The X-Files
Science of Anime Fitness: I don’t know what it’s like to hit a man twice

AC/DC: The Science of Nikola Tesla
Bottling Fame and Brewing Glory: The Science of Potions in Harry Potter
Planet of the Apes: The Science of Hominid Evolution

He Rode a Techno Saddle: The Science of Westworld
Strange Aeons: The Science of H.P. Lovecraft
Planet 9 From Outer Space: Our Neighbor in Hiding

There and Back Again: What NASA Has Learned from Dawn and New Horizons
House Call: The Science of Medical Dramas
My Lab Bench is 1000C: Scientists that risk it all