Frontiers of Policy: Science and Humanism at Work in Government State Senator Juan Mendez

North 132BC

A social neuroscientist will put a panel of Arizona politicians on the spot about why the hell lawmakers are so bad at considering established science in the policymaking process. Panelists  will advocate for more humanistic and fact-based approaches in government and will address a wide range of political and ethical issues facing our species in the coming decades‚ including climate change, AI, universal basic income, gender abolition, and more. Come with your questions!


Juan Mendez,Athena Salman,Katie Paetz,Serh Blain,Chad Woodruff

Brain Research and Legion: Super Heroes Face Mental Illness

North 131C

The protagonist in Legion is an extraordinarily powerful mutant who struggles with mental illness. In this panel, experts discuss the strange world of the brain and mental health and how well the show portrays it.

Teagan Wall,David Oakes,Gwyneth Gordon,Erica O’Neil

Building a Death Star: The Science of Megastructures

North 132A

The Death Star was almost 100 miles long, carried almost 2 million personnel and soldiers, and had a cargo capacity of 1 million kilotons. Building it took 20 years and cost over 1 trillion credits (it isn’t clear what the conversion rate is). In this panel, experts will discuss the logistical challenges in projects like this, and whether it is feasible to build one of our own.

Mario Mendez,Gerard van Belle,Brett Scott

Wub A Lub A Dub Dub: The Science of Rick and Morty

North 132BC

Besides being hilarious, Rick and Morty explores strange scientific concepts such as parallel universes. Our experts discuss the science underpinning this show and their love of Szechuan sauce.

Robert Strausbaugh,Cole Mathis,Sarah Braden

Unlimited Power! The Science of Sustainable Energy

North 132A

For most of history, making useful amounts of electricity has entailed digging up stuff and burning it but advances in technology have unlocked new ways to get the power we need.Scientists discuss the opportunities and challenges in building a sustainable future.

Thiago Stangherlin Barbosa,Christina Forbes,Alexander Nunn,Dean Frias

Weird Science: The Truth Behind the Headlines

North 131C

Occasionally a story will go viral about a silly-sounding experiment, such as when scientists put ants on tiny stilts. Despite how strange this may sound, there was important science behind this experiment and it answered an important question about the ant brain. Learn more about this and other weird studies and what they’ve taught us.

Brandon Favre,Angel Garcia,K. Jacob Patten,Carrie Gillo

I Can See Clearly Now: The Science of Light

North 132A

Let us illuminate you! Light is one of the most important tools in research and development. Using it, scientists can see into the depths of space or the components of a cell.

Page Baluch,Genevieve Studer-Ellis,Karen Knierman,Andy Ryan

E(xoplanet)Harmony: Looking for a World to Fall in Love With

North 131 C

Earlier this year scientists announced the discovery of several new planets, many of which where located within the “habitable zone”. Scientists discuss the habitable zone, and what qualities in a planet makes it one that might be friendly for life.

Alma Ruiz-Velasco,Gerard van Belle,Annie Wargetz,Dean Frias