Twinkle Twinkle: Stargazing in Arizona

North 131C

Arizona’s clear skies make it the perfect place for nighttime stargazing. Learn the best places to see the stars in AZ.

Teresa Ashcraft,Vishnu Reddy,Sharlot Hart,Karen Knierman

The Truth is Out There: The Science of The X-Files

North 132BC

Aliens! The sci-fi cult show that paired the believer with the skeptic now gets the science treatment. Can Mulder’s theories and explanations that ultimately convinced Scully convince our team of experts as well as their scientific equipment.

Jim DeGraffenreid,Carrie Gillon,Jeffery Tinius,K. Jacob Patten

Science of Anime Fitness: “I don’t know what it’s like to hit a man twice”

North 132A

Goku and One Punch Man trained to reach the peak of their physical fitness and power levels.  Is the body really capable of handling that much power? Can One Punch Man hit so hard that his own bones would shatter under the force? Our scientists ponder these questions and dare to answer them.

Parker Castleberry,Darien Hall,Mario Mendez

Sandworms and Sarlaccs: The Science of Desert Survival

North 131C

Despite their harsh environments, desert planets in science fiction tend to be teeming with exotic and very large life forms. What adaptations have life forms on Earth evolved to survive in deserts, and would they be enough to survive Arrakis?

Khyatiben Pathak,Matt Chew,John Cornelius

It’s Morphin’ Time: The Science of Power Rangers

North 132BC

Giant monsters. Giant Robots that merge into even bigger robots. A dagger flute? In this panel scientists and engineers will discuss all the things that make the Power Rangers awesome and what might be possible in real life.

Alyssa Henning,Michael Fillman,Jeffrey Tully,Christian Dameff

Don’t Squeeze the Martian: The Science of the film Life

North 131C

Life features a team of astronauts on the International Space Station studying a new organism. They let it out. Find out what real-life scientists think about the strange life form and how they would have maintained the firewalls.

Brian Johnson,Teresa Esman,Jim Crowell,Jonathon Hill

Ghost in the (Sea)shell: What lives beneath the ocean

North 132A

12 people have walked on the moon, but only 3 people have ever been to the deepest part of the ocean. Scientists discuss the strange world that exists under the sea.

Charles Rolsky,Dean Frias,Greg Vaughan

Old Man Logan: The Science of Aging

Logan features much older versions of Wolverine and Professor X . Our scientists discuss whether aging is inevitable or a process that can be prevented or even reversed?

Cindy Xu,Alex Andre,John Cornelius,Emily Webb