Technology and Entrepreneurship: How to teach 21st century skills

North 131C

Emerging technology in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and 3D Design are creating new and exciting opportunities. Exposing students to these technologies, as they relate to gaming, costuming, film, robotics, engineering, music, and much more, is a perfect way to provide them numerous ways to learn 21st century skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Brian Calaway,Robert Birdsall,Shawn Hardina,Deborah Haralson

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: The Science of Information Storage

Room 132BC

Information used to have to be painted on to cave walls. Then we were able to store it in magnetic tape. Now a chip the size of a fingernail can store decades worth of photographs. In this panel, experts will discuss the technology that made these advancements possible and what the future of information storage might be. Panelists: Peter Hefley, Ryan Ang, Robert Birdsall.

Space Combat 2.0

Room 132A

Upgraded from Fan Fest this panel returns. We learned that thrusters are the best tool in combat; now let’s find out just which spaceship would win the ultimate battle royal. Join our scientist as they talk about the issues each ship would face in our universe. Panelists: Benjamin Koval, Parker Castleberry, Andrew Thoesen.


Ask an -ologist: How to connect with STEM experts

North 131C

There is an increasing push within the STEM community to perform outreach and education. We discuss some of these projects and how you can connect with them to bring experts into your classroom.

Deborah Haralson,Al Pajak,Nicole Bowers

Don’t Touch That File: How to Protect Your Digital Life

Room 132A

Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, with many major companies breached. In light of this, what precautions can you take to protect yourself and your data? Come to this panel to find out! Panelists: Richard Larkins, Ryan Ang, Alexander Nunn, Peter Hefley

Super Friends: The Science of the Justice League

North 132BC

The Justice League’s membership includes aliens, cyborgs, mythological royalty, and billionaire playboy philanthropists. By their powers combined, they are something even greater! In this panel, experts will discuss the JL and their powers. Panelists: Joe Fortunato, Jeffrey Tinius, Romeo Farinacci.

Truth and Justice: How to inspire the next generation of heroes!

North 131C

K-12 educators are responsible for teaching far more than specific disciplines. Through them, students can also learn to value community engagement and to fight against bullying. Let’s discuss ways to make your classroom Super!

Robert Birdsall,Nicole Bowers,Dani Kachorsky,Katherine Burdick

We’ll Skype You In: Remote classroom teaching

North 131C

Virtual classrooms are becoming increasingly popular, with some students never speaking with their teacher in person. Let’s discuss how to get the most out of these technologies while mitigating their disadvantages.

Teagan Wall,Rebekah Brubaker,Caolan Head

Mrs. Frederick and Me. The Science of Warehouse 13

North 132A

In the world of Warehouse 13, historical artifacts become imbued with supernatural powers. In this panel, experts will discuss the theories and technologies explored in the show. Panelists: Karen Knierman,  Sierra Ferguson, Luke Johnson