CactusCon is the largest annual hacker and security conference in Arizona and this year is expected to attract 800 attendees from throughout the entire country. In just five years, it has established a solid reputation as a top-tier security conference and has quickly become a must-attend learning and networking event.

There and Back Again: What NASA Has Learned from Dawn and New Horizons

North 132A

We built them, we launched them, they made it to their destinations and they took some pictures.  Its been some time, the teams have analyzed some of the data so what have we learned? Talk with the experts about the two missions and ask your questions about deep space exploration.

Vishnu Reddy,Lucille Le Corre,David Williams,Jessica Noviello

House Call: The Science of Medical Dramas

North 131C

Medical dramas typically feature strange medical mysteries and innovative treatments. Get an expert diagnosis on whether these portrayals match the reality of life in the ER.

Jordan Yaron,Stevie Winingear,Jeffrey Tully,Christian Dameff,John Christie

My Lab Bench is 1000C: Scientists that risk it all

North 132BC

Standing 5 feet from an erupting volcano or working with a disease that can kill you while in a hazmat suit, science can be dangerous. In this panel scientists will discuss their working conditions and the steps they take to make sure they (and you!) stay safe.

Robert Birdsall,Valerie Harris,Greg Vaughan,Joel Lusk

He Rode a Techno Saddle: The Science of Westworld

North 132A

Westworld features an immersive themepark where state-of-the-art androids promise a repercussion-free getaway. In this panel, scientists and engineers will discuss current developments in robotics and how far Delos is from becoming reality.

Andrew Thoesen,Ryan Ang,Elio Greico

Strange Aeons: The Science of H.P. Lovecraft

North 132BC

Howard Philips Lovecraft was only moderately successful during his lifetime but since then, his work has had a huge influence on culture. Lovecraft often wove science and sci-fi concepts into his horror stories. Learn more about the science behind the monsters. Fhtagn!

Patrick Young,Benjamin Koval,Joseph Hunter

Planet 9 From Outer Space: Our Neighbor in Hiding

North 131C

Long after the discovery of Pluto, many scientists believe there is another planet even further out in our solar system. Scientists and Astronomers discuss the evidence and why it has been so hard to find.

Alma Ruiz-Velasco,Joe Fortunato,Jackie Monkiewicz

AC/DC: The Science of Nikola Tesla

North 131C

He had around 300 patents in 26 countries. He went up against one of the world’s largest think tanks all by himself. A whole company has been built around his electric motor. Was he a modern Da Vinci, or a pretender to Edison’s throne? In this panel experts will settle this debate once and for all.

Mario Mendez,J’Neil Cottle,Jim DeGraffenreid

Bottling Fame and Brewing Glory: The Science of Potions in Harry Potter

North 132BC

The Harry Potter books and movies feature potions that compel infatuation, grow bones, and even grant good luck. All these effects and more are possible with the careful use of herbs and a cauldron.  Our experts discuss what actually goes into drug development and what magical potions might be possible in real life.

Alyssa Henning,Viola Sanderlin,Danh Truong,Lydia Meador

Planet of the Apes: The Science of Hominid Evolution

North 132A

The Planet of the Apes movies feature a civilization of intelligent apes that is often in conflict with humans. Given what we know about the evolution of humans and our ape relatives, is this realistic? Experts will discuss this and more.

Hallie Edmonds,Irene Smail,E. Susanne Daly,Stevie Winingear