Tips for Enjoying Comicon

Fellow Science fans, Phoenix Comicon can be overwhelming! Besides camping out with us in “The Corridor of Science” (where our science panels will be all weekend in the North Building rooms 131BC and 132A) here are a few of my personal tips on attending Phoenix Comicon.


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Science-Themed Animated Series Celebrated at Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon 2017 Science Track celebrates our favorite science-themed animated series from the quantum mechanics of Rick and Morty, to the The Futurama Theorem (the first known theorem to be created for a tv show) and the advanced degrees of Batman’s villains.

Wub A Lub A Dub Dub!: The Science of Rick and Morty 

Thursday May 25 6-7pm

Besides being hilarious, Rick and Morty explores strange scientific concepts such as parallel universes. In this panel, experts will discuss the science underpinning this show, and their love of Szechuan sauce.

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Super Hero Science Panels at Phoenix Comicon

Super Hero Science brings Phoenix Comicon attendees the insiders angle on the physics, biology and physiology of being more than human.

Super Friends: The Science of the Justice League              

The Justice League’s membership includes aliens, cyborgs, mythological royalty, and billionaire playboy philanthropists. By their powers combined, they are something even greater! In this panel, experts will discuss the JL and their powers.

Thursday May 25 11:30-1pm  

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